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TOG Lapbooks Redesigned


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I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and have been blessed.


Now for my question. I am beginning TOG Y1 in about 6 weeks. I'm compiling the remainder of what I need and haven't settled into TOG yet. What do you recommend for the Lapbooks, CD's or the kit? I have a 9 yo 2nd/3rd grade level but the age of 4th grade. I'm trying to keep the learning curve going with him but wasn't sure which would be the best for my money. I haven't been able to find them used so I'm just going to buy it but didn't know which one would be better.


What are your opinions for those of you who are currently using them? TIA

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Since, judging by the ages of your children, it seems like you're only going to need one lapbook so I would get the kit. They are nice, all ready for you to put together (I wouldn't get the preassembled.)


Yeah, I didn't want to get it pressembled. It would take the fun from it and the learning experience. My 13 yo is a hands on kid too so I'm not sure if he will want to do it. I was thinking of a report board for the same project, you know the kind that you use for science projects and just tweek it as a project.


Anyone else?

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