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Check out the Social Club 9/9/9.

1> User Control Panel

2> Social Club

3> 9/9/9


It took me a little while to figure it out. I thought it was read 9 books in 2009. Nope, nine books in nine of your self defined catagories in 2009 = 81 books.


I started making my catagories, then changed them a few times. I was daunted at first when the number when from 9 to 81. :tongue_smilie: But after I thought about it, there are a lot of books that I want to read for fun that never get read because of my focus on school lessons.


So, just got back from the local library where I had put hold on several books. There were 5 books waiting for me. I feel like I'm in heaven. I am going to figure out how to post the catagories, books and my impressions on a blog or my own web site.


On your mark get set.....:auto:

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