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Wii: did you know you can play the games in Spanish?


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I didn't know! It turns out as long as the system is set to Spanish, then whatever game it is will play in Spanish!


I am so excited! We can cover P.E and Spanish in one go! Plus I won't feel so bad to let my oldest play Animal Crossing... after all, she is also practising her Spanish, right?


I guess the expense of the games is worth it now.

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If we get it set to Spanish, will we be able to figure out how to set it back to English? In other words, will the instructions and menu options then be in Spanish? If so, will we, with our limited Spanish abilities, at least be able to stumble thru to get it back to English?


A few months ago, I couldn't get the self-check out lane at the grocery store to start. I ended up pusing the "Espanol" button, and it worked. I was able to pick out enough key words that I got thru it. :D

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