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I want a "bee" title!!!!

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That's funny because I try to talk a lot and I'm at 152. Go figure? :glare:


Oh, well......... I think one of my 2009 Resolutions is to get to 1000.


Look out Hive!



I am sure you will have no trouble, I am already over 1000 and I have only been here for what 6 months? And I am way quieter than some on here

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Yes, it changes at 10 posts, then again around 50 (if I remember correctly).


You can get a picture of the title changes by clicking on "Members List" tab at the top of the page. Then, click on "Posts" to sort the members by their number of posts. By clicking through the pages of members, you can see which numbers correspond with which titles.


I can't believe the number of folks with over 4000 posts! Whew! You guys need to get a life! LOL! (Just kidding!) :D

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Yes, it is the number of posts. You need to get chatty :001_smile:


Yes, I think larva is first.


I am a little embarrassed to be an "Empress Bee".


I think it means I talk too much... :tongue_smilie:


When can I be an "Amateur Bee Keeper"?


Though I am rather fond of the title "Empress"....


See that? Four responses in this itty-bitty thread? No wonder you're up to empress, Miss!:tongue_smilie:

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I thought I was the only one on here wondering that, since I'm so new. Good to know it wasn't a "silly" question - I tend to worry sometimes about posting if I don't do an exhaustive search first :lol:



Great question! I've always wondered this too. Now I know!


Gretchen in NO. Ca:tongue_smilie:

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