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Netflix...'splain it to me!

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Our son got us a subscription to Netflix for Christmas. We are excited to get started, but help me understand how to navigate the site.


When we get to the website, there just doesn't appear to be that many movies to rent. I realize they are by categories, but each page only has what 25 movies on it? Where do y'all find those great old movies you talk about? ARe there more choices once you actually set up an account? If I have to have the name of the movie, well, let's just say my brain is not that great!

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Once you have an account, you can start by rating the types of movies that you like. This will have Netflix automatically display categories and movies that they predict you will like based on your choices. Start adding movies to your queue. They automatically send you the top movie from your queue and after you are done, you can rate the movie and that will help them customize what movie you want.


One thing I did a while ago was ask people here what movies I should put in my queue and I got a ton of suggestions. The movies that they display are only a tiny fraction of what they have available. You can use the search feature and type in a key work (like Imax movies) and you will find hundreds.


One other cool feature is that some of them can be watched instantly on your computer.

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I've been a netflixer for years and I still don't understand why they make it so hard to see all the movies.


There are a couple of things I do:

*Ask -- ask friends, ask here, ask.

*Friends -- click on the friends tab at the top. You'll get lists and lists of ppl who have made their own lists of good movies. Peruse these lists and you'll begin to discover that some ppl are just plain crazy and some have a similar taste in movies as you.

*Check the "Enjoyed by Members Who Enjoyed" section: Search for a movie you really liked and click on it. There will be a section labled Enjoyed by Members Who Enjoyed. Here you will find a list of movies that well, were enjoyed by people who also enjoyed the movie you liked.

*Google and Hunt -- sigh, From time to time I just google for a theme or something and see if netflix has it. For example I've google something like Best Catholic Movies and Best Family Movies or Best Kids Movies - Disney or or or. Then go back to Netflix to see if they have it. I generally lack time/patience to do this often but I will make the time for things for school or some special occasion.


Our general rule of thumb is one movie night per week and sometimes, if we can find a really good "religiousy" movie, we'll add one to Sunday. They have all the great Bible epics.


Oh, there is a geography curriculum on there and a few others . . . Algebra, Ithink. I havent' looked at them but am keeping the geography one in mind to look at later.


That's generally it.


If you rate movies netflix will give you suggestions but frankly, I just don't understand what makes them think I'll like some of their suggestions.


Don't forget instant download. There are some good movies there but I understand a lot of them will disappear Jan. 1st.


And, if you have to go some where for a really long time for the umpteenth time that week and you're sick to death of watching that play rehearsal and think you'll scream next time Imogene Herdman says, "Shut up Ollie! Everyone Shut Up!" you can remember that if you have a laptop you can download an instant download, pause it, take it with you, and watch it there.


So, that's my 5 or so year's worth of experience on netflix. Happy watching!

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