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Anyone want to share photos of their schoolrooms?

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I've just received the most wonderful holiday gift. Dh is finishing the basement and will be handing it over to me to make into a schoolroom. I am beside myself. We currently work out of the kitchen which has it's benefits and draw backs.


I've been searching archives for hours trying to find previous posts with photos of some of your schoolrooms to inspire me. Truth be told, there are to many posts with the keyword schoolrooms. I haven't been successful at all. It could be due to the fact that it is in the middle of the night and I'm tired.


Anyhoo, if you have time to share, I would be delighted to take a peek into your schoolroom. Also, if there is anything that you just love or really would love to have. He'll be building 4 built in bookcases and a wall of storage cabinets.


Julie in Monterey

Still with a huge grin on my face................

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I'll share, but there's not much inspiration to be found. It's a small, 9 x 9 room with ugly carpeting.


I have spent the past two days decluttering the room. I should finish tomorrow and will post after pictures. (Still it won't be that inspiring, but it works for us. :001_smile:)


However, I'll post the link to when I first made the room. http://kitchentablelearners.blogspot.com/2006_01_15_kitchentablelearners_archive.html


Here's a link to about.com's classroom photos. ( Mine is on there, but there are others.) http://homeschooling.about.com/od/photogallery/ig/classrooms/class25.htm


Also, someone here built a school room that was gorgeous, it had an island with chairs--and it was beautiful. I don't remember whose room that was, but I'd love to view the photo again. Hopefully someone will remember and share the link!

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I'd share, but I just walked up there, and to be honest it's currently a disaster zone. . .so I just refuse to take a pictur. (Some things are best left hidden!)


I will say this though. DS1 has claimed the school room as his own. Everyone else works in various rooms throughout the house. The school room is where I place the majority of school items, but it's only used by my oldest. He gets growly and scares anyone else away that goes up there to work!

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Here's ours. Our space in the basement is shaped kinda like an upside down L. The short parts of the L are where my dd's art area is, and her table for homeschooling. The long part is where the pool table is (really the laundry table!), and ds19's desk is at end of the long part. Off of the short part are two rooms, one used for storage/workbench, and one used as a work-out room (contains weights, treadmill, etc). The laundry room is sort of in the middle, and the piano is alongside the wall also.


Even tho we have the schoolroom, we use the whole house, and now dd does her homework at the dining room table.

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ours is on my blog although they are old and things have changed slightly. I've gotten rid of the desktop computer and replaced it with 2 laptops, I also took out the chalkboard easel in the one corner freeing up a bunch of space. I've also changed the placement of the desk so the 2 desks and my table form a triangle now which actually makes them fit a bit better and my kids can see the large chalkboard better.


Link is in my signature. IF you click on them it should make them larger for you to see better.

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But here are some photos of our room.


The first picture shows my son sitting at his desk. The next one shows the rest of that wall, including my desk. The last one shows the other side of the room. Our books and resources for this year are on the bookshelf next to the window. The other bookshelf holds general homeschooling resources, reference materials and assorted craft supplies.

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I tried to post pictures on my profile a while ago, but it didn't work. I basically have shelves along two walls (IKEA IVAR adjustable shelves) with a computer desk at the end of one of those walls. The shelves are filled with books, craft materials, manipulatives and learning games, other toys and games, and my sewing stuff. Along another wall, in the bay window, is a sofa. Along the last wall is the door to the room and next to that a radiator. We used to have maps above the radiator, but they kept falling down. In front of the radiator is a small, plastic picnic table for the littles to sit at, and in the middle of the room is a larger table for the olders.

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Here is our room, the pictures were taken a couple of years ago, though. We now have a 6ft table in the room instead of the 4ft table, and a much larger bookshelf. Other than different posters on the walls, and no more child-locks on the cabinets (lol), and larger bulletin boards, it's pretty much the same. :001_smile:









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Whew! We're finally done unpacking the schoolroom and organizing everything. Here's a tour around the room, starting and ending at the door.


School books are on the light colored wooden shelves in the corner by the white board, and the 12 drawers next to that are math and science supplies. Everything else is art and craft supplies and games.


Eventually the room will have denim curtains, some fun hanging lights from IKEA, and another real table.











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