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Night #3 of totally stuffed-up nose...

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How frustrating! I had something similar this summer and it was so annoying. I think I ended up falling asleep with my mouth open and a tissue up my nose at about 5 am my worst night.


The day I tried several natural remedies - Vitamin C, garlic, chicken stock, homeopathy. What seemed to kick it the quickest was the Vitamin C in megadoses.


What works for me is 2000 mg (1/2 tsp.) of Ascorbic Acid in 8 oz. of water (with a freshly squeezed lime and Stevia if you want), twice a day or 1000 mg per hour until you have diarrhea then back off and take 1000 mg less the next day and each day until it is gone. If the diarrhea bothers you or repeats, take 1 tsp of Homeopathic Arsenicum, 30C, 1 pellet in 4 oz. water - good for diarrhea and clear runny colds AND/OR a probiotic Kyo-dophilus is what I keep on hand. I've gone up to 12000 in one day to kick a sinus infection once, then needed less each day after that.


I take about 2000 mg per day now but I do need less if I have no sugar or white carbs. Cut out sugar, all of it. I know it's a tough time to do it but sometimes just having sugar is what triggers the stuffiness!


I am planning to switch to Acerola since I know you need less and it is not as harsh but for now I take what I have.


I also use homeopathy in water but it depends upon your symptoms. http://drluc.com/colds-caughs.htm

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I make a tomato "tea" to clear out my sinuses and have gotten rid of sinus infections quite handily with it. I would also recommend a garlic-eucalyptus salve on the soles of the feet at night. Vapo-Rub in a pinch.


Being stuffed up at night is horrible. Feel better!

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