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I dusted off my PDA and spent some time getting reorganized with it. I know there was a discussion recently about how others use here. Here's what I just did.


I made a bunch of repeating tasks - copied & pasted from Flylady's website. I've got the weekly chores & zones scheduled to appear "magically" every 5 weeks.


I also updated my calendar with repeating (no end) dates on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


I'm going to start using my PDA as my alarm clock so that when I pick it up in the a.m. I see all my lists, appointments, and important dates to remember first thing.


Here's to hoping I'm a bit less scatter brained & the house is a bit cleaner in 2009. :)



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I am in awe of you. I could never get mine to be helpful to me, I would just forget to use it. Sounds like you have a great start to a new year. Your idea for the weekly zones is wonderful. It makes me think of trying again. Congrats!

Mine has sat practially brandnew & unused for 2 years. My paper binder sat too after I set it up. I think the alarm clock function is what's going to save me. Can't ignore the to-do's that slap you in the face first thing.

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