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Science Summaries?

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It has been a while since I have read TWTM, but I think it said for the student to read a section of science from the encyclopedia and then write a summary about it. We are just finishing up studying animals that way, and we are moving on to human body. My plan is to use God's Deisgn for Life: Human Body. Since we are using this text instead of an encyclopedia, do we still do the summaries? Yes, right?


TIA! (Can't wait till the new TWTM comes out - then it will be in my back pocket all the time! :))


Melissa in St Louis

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I would still require reports, or summaries, of info being covered. I'm not familiar with the text you're using, but I'm sure it will provide enough info for purposes of writing something about what's being learned. So, one week your child might be writing about the respiratory system; another week about the central nervous system, or about a specific organ, such as the brain, the eye, etc.

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