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Early miscarriage and bloating -- how long does it last?

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You may need to see a doctor and they may need to make sure your uterus is....

My cousin had the same thing happen and her body was unable to clean itself out without assistance.....


This is not the easiest topic, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.


I'm so sorry, that is such a terrible, sad .... :grouphug:

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I had a similar situation ~ ended up being a molar pregnancy. Lost one (which was the evident miscarriage), but the molar pregnancy just got worse.


There's always also the possibility that there is still some remaining "material" from the placenta or yolk sac. A simple exam and D&C could take care of it.


I am sorry for your loss. This time of year really gets me. The twins I lost would have turned two this month. It's hard, but you'll get through it!!


My prayers are with you!



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You were wise in not saying anything too soon. We were so excited we told our children right away, so that made it doubly hard on us. Trying to explain to them what happened.


It's really sweet, though. Every once in awhile, they'll say something about their little brother or sister in Heaven. It makes me realize children understand things better than we adults sometimes think they will.


We'll be praying for you during this time!


Hope you get to feeling better very soon.



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