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My daughter wants a mystery birthday party next month

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DD is turning 11 next month. She wants to have a mystery theme birthday party. I've searched on the internet and came up with several that you download--but I just hate to buy something like that that I'm not really sure what I'm getting. So I'm looking for suggestions from you all. Our neighborhood isn't one that we could do a scavenger hunt in--but I'm open to doing it in a different location.


The one thing that I have come up with is to give the girls each a Nancy Drew book as their favor. There'll be 6 4-6 girls and it will be a slumber party.



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Funny:-) My daughter,10yrs old, wants to have a party(not necessarily b-day) that's mystery. My step-daughter did a murder mystery night at her mom's church with the other middle schoolers. SO, my 10 year old thinks she should get her own party, now.

I thought of a Clue Party, but a Nancy Drew Party would be good...the kids could come in costume, that you either allowed...whatever costume they want, or you could assign characters...they could all read one of the Nancy Drew books.... I've been collecting the Nancy Drew books from when I was young.

Can't wait to hear what you decide!


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One of my favorite sites for Birthday Party planning is



I find the best choices were also selected as Winners, Honorable Mention, Special Mention or Runner Up


Here is a link to Teen Mystery Party Ideas:



Here is a link to the Younger version of Mystery Parties:


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We used this site for our dd's 12th birthday party. We did the World Animal Rescue mystery/scavenger hunt and it was a lot of fun! We tweaked it a bit and used our church for more room. The one we chose required the kids to each be a certain character, but it wasn't too complicated. We decorated a bit to give it a tropical-zoo type atmosphere, nothing fancy. Dd really enjoyed it.




The site has everything you need to print out and you can send e-invites, make printable ones, send reminders, etc. Very simple.

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About the world rescue one...did you have to meet with the kids before like it suggests? I'm interested in this for my son's 10th birthday, but don't think we'd have time to meet beforehand.


Also, though it says for ages 9 and up, do you think a group of 10yo boys could handle it?

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