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Why would a drug co create an antibiotic that must be taken FOUR x day

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on an EMPTY stomach?


I don't let my stomach get empty that often! :tongue_smilie: I try to nibble often. I keep forgetting this (except when I've already eaten), and it looks like my 7 day regimen is going to take 12 or 13 days.


Do you think it will do any good at all? Just 2 or 3 capsules a day?


I wish the dr had just given me a good old shot of penicillin!

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I don't know but that Leviquin (sp?) put me in bed all day yesterday with a sick stomach. I finally lost everything right before going to sleep and feel better this morning but I havn't taken it yet and am sort of scared I will end up ill again.


Good luck with yours.:001_smile:


I guess I'm used to taking things that should be taken WITH food. Can you call your pharmacist and see if there's something that could counteract your stomach upset?


I'm sorry. :grouphug:

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Well, techincally speaking, I'm sure it has to do with the half-life of the medication and needing to get it absorbed into the bloodstream quickly to maintain therapeutic levels.


That said, I would certainly ask what constitutes an "empty" stomach. A light nosh should probably clear your stomach in under an hour, whereas a large, meat-heavy meal would linger for quite a while. So I guess the questions are a) how long after eating should you wait and b) how long before eating should you take it? I suspect that the pill will dissolve and be on its way to being absorbed in just a few minutes, so maybe taking them before meals would help?

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TYpically when a medication says take on an empty stomach taking it 1 hour before your next meal gives it time to be absorbed in your blood stream but also allows you to take in some food before the meds make you ill. So that would cover 3 of them and then the forth dose at bedtime. If you time your meals 4 hours part that means 3 hours after your last meal you take it which gives your stomach time to digest and empty from the previous meal.

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