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Where would I find corner curio/china cabinets?

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I, personally, wouldn't bother with the unfinished furniture places unless I had to. I bought my daughter's bed at one years ago, and found them to be very expensive, even though I finished the piece myself.


I had success ordering my curios from JC Penny's catalog (check online for current selection, as their catalogs are teeny these days), and from online furniture sites.


Ashley furniture and Haverty's furniture are other stores with nice stuff, but seem to be pretty pricey. You can search their sites, and if you find something you like, try searching out the manufacturer for other sites with the same stuff....furniture prices vary wildly on websites!


This company (Home Decorators) shipped fast, packaged my item well, and I received my order quickly.



If you Google "corner curio cabinet", you'll get tons of hits, and if you know what type of finish you want (i.e. oak, walnut), add that to your search for fewer hits.


Good luck in your search!!

(the other) Heather in Al

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We bought ours from an Amish furniture haus. It's not a corner one, though it is very slim because at the time we bought it we needed it for the exact reasons as you. We also didn't live anywhere near any Amish - so don't think you need to be in Amish country; even the big cities have Amish furniture stores.


Also, we got ours for a really great price because the wood on the very bottom inside shelf was scratched and it was the floor model. We negotiated for a great price on it.


Maybe that gives you some ideas?

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Another thought (related to Karenciavo's post) is to look for estate sales and auctions in your area. In my area there are some very nice auctions where good quality, nice-looking furniture can be had fairly inexpensively. Of course, a pre-requisite is that you like antique/older furniture (generally speaking -- you can find newer styles as well).


The trick is not to become too attached to anything so that your emotions won't override your good sense when bidding. ;)

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Here's the one I've been looking at today... http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=3014&f=22296 They have a couple of other pieces on sale as well, if you check out their sale furniture stuff...


I'm not sure it's exactly what I want either! But dh gave me lovely antique china (just a dessert/tea service) for Christmas, matching a couple of teacups we inherited a few years ago. My kitchen is tiny, so I need to find a way to store/display them outside of it. ... Of course, there are two children playing lazer tag in the house right now, and I have visions of entire sets of china being destroyed in one tumble... Oh dear!

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