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8 teens will be here on New Year's Eve - Help me plan?

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Pretty please, with sugar on top.


Four of the teens are mine. The ages are 13 (3 girls) and 14 (5 boys).


The kids will eat dinner here. The buffet I have planned includes:


Brown Sugar Smokies wrapped in bacon

Chili Cups (mini corn shells filled with chili sans beans)

Pizza Rolls

Honey Brie Spread with Crackers

Sweet 'n Spicy Meatballs

Salsa and Chips

Fruit Salad or just plain fruit


Chocolate Fondue with cake and fruit dippers


I figure that they will watch t.v., maybe a movie, and play Guitar Hero and other Wii or PS2 games, talk, eat, fool around on the computer. The girls will probably play with make-up and nail polish and find ways to bug the boys. I'm sure they won't be bored.


DH said that lights out is at 12:30 a.m. One of the extra boys is spending the night because he is the twin brother of one of the girls, and this gives his parents a night of freedom.


DH and I will make 100% certain that nothing untoward occurs. This is not a boy-girl party in the boyfriend-girlfriend sense. None of the kids are interested the opposite sex in that way yet -- my boys are definitely not interested in DD's friends because the girls can be noisy and obnoxious.


Does this sound like a plan to you all? Do I have too many food choices -- should I drop something? Should I forgo the pizza rolls and just order pizzas for the kids -- or make pizzas? Pizza rolls are just crescent rolls with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni, which are dipped in extra pizza sauce.


Should I have my head examined?





What do you all think about this?




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If you stay on top of the boy/girl thing, it should be fun. Don't drop food choices, the more the better. Movies...

mine sometimes will really get into board games, Clue?? Monopoly takes tooooooo loooong though. If yours are like mine (same age) you'll have to have a girl movie and a boy movie. My girls and boys do. not. like the same movies at all.

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and the kids ate hardly anything. My son just went to a Christmas party for teens on Friday. The hosts bought pizzas and everybody brought either a dessert or a salty snack. About half the pizzas were left, and hardly anybody touched the other stuff.


My tendency was to have more than enough, just in case, and I will err on the side of plenty next time we have a bunch of teens over, but I'll make sure that it's stuff that I can freeze or save. I think you might have too much food. I found that the food I served that required a fork just wasn't touched, so I would be cautious with the fruit and the cheesecake. Mini cheesecakes might be eaten more readily than a whole cheesecake. And if it looks at all unusual, none of the boys will touch it. That brie might be eaten by only 2 or 3 girls besides any adults who happen to be there.


I'll tell you... if you can manage an outside fire, the kids will love going outside for a while, even if it's really cold. Playdoh was really well-received. Just set it on a table and let them discover it. We borrowed a ping pong table and set it up outside (we don't have room inside) and they played ping pong. We strung a lot of lights outside on the trees and it looked great. Card games are good. In any crowd there will be a few who know a lot of card games, and a few who really want to learn some new card games. :)


I wouldn't worry about the kids at the party behaving, especially if they're homeschooled kids. The kids at our parties have been really well-behaved.

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I wanted to do this too, but dh is not a crowd person. We did have a Christmas party with 14 kids and they were wonderful, all very well behaved and I think everyone had fun.


If we were going to go through with ours, I would have game night~multiple games set up in a couple of rooms. Wii, rock band and others are a good mix in there too.



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I'd skip the brie and the meatballs for a kid party, unless your kidlets have requested them. Pizza, pizza, and more pizza is the way to go with teens - maybe some veggies/chips and dip, salsa. too. Brownies are an easy dessert - the fondue does sound fun, though!!!! You can keep refilling the veggies/chips all evening, have pizza available for a hour, and then dessert after that, and you would be covered.

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We hosted a youth group party here last year. I had a bunch of finger foods and soft drinks available. Soft drinks were a big hit. The food...well, keep it simple.

That said, his year we will grill a batch of hot dogs earlier in the day and wrap each one in foil and put into a crock pot. Buns and fixin's can be arranged nearby.


Cheese dip in a small crock pot was a big hit.


Brownies, too.


We always do a campfire/bonfire out back. (We have an acre.) The youth minister asks them about the past year and what they dream of this next year. You could do that in front of a fireplace inside if you want....turn out all the lights and make s'mores.


We always do a sparkling cider toast to the New Year, too.


Have fun!

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Teens can be wierd about eating in front of each other. I don't get it, but girls won't always eat if there are boys around. Boys alone can go thru tons of food! I have had teens around forever and sometimes they eat and sometimes they don't. I think the chocolate fondue sounds great. I think I would skip the Brie and the cheese cake, unless you know for sure these kids like it. Teens don't seem to be about fancy foods.

I would not do the chili cups and do CHeese dip in the crock pot with scoopably chips. ( mine has chili with no beans, sausage and rotel tomatoes along with some velveeta..kids love it)

Bowls of M and M's or other type of grab and go candy go over well. Lots of soda, but I would also have water bottles. Non Alcoholic bubbly at midnight is really fun at this age. Brownies or cookies for dessert. I agree with the fire and marshmallows if you have that available.


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