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Dave Ramsey fans: What do you do for your birthday

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Wow is our food budget off balance! and yes, KW YOU M!


My favorite thing on my birthday is to hear, "Happy Birthday", as often as possible. It reminds me that it is my special day. I think the above post is right on for men along with a favorite meal. You could cut corners on other nights to splurge more on the birthday night. For the kids I usually use second hand and garage sales for gifts that they will like, but don't cost too much. In the future you could have gifts in your budget category.:) Not there myself!


Coupon book for special favors or just give the special favor on the birthday or before. For example, clean out the garage for dh. Mine would love that present.


Lastly, going somewhere special that doesn't cost. My younger ones would love to spend time at the park, my older ones would love to go fishing or hiking, and hiking for myself and my husband. Treat it like a special day and they/you will feel special even without presents. If going without presents I would explain the thinking behind it beforehand. My family is quick to get on board when they understand where we are going and why.

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