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Poll-if you have hardwood floors and painted baseboards, what type of shoe moulding?

With hardwood floors and painted baseboards, what type of shoe moulding do you have?  

  1. 1. With hardwood floors and painted baseboards, what type of shoe moulding do you have?

    • Painted to match the baseboards
    • Stained to match the floors

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We're trying to decide how to finish off the old house to sell. Painted shoe moulding will be less costly and faster. When I researched last year for the same decision to be made on the new to us house, I learned that there is no right or wrong way to do this - personal preference was the answer. Dh wants to make sure we don't do anything that will detract from the sale of the house. I thought a poll might be fun to see how the majority of homes represented here on the boards have been done. Thanks for participating!

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Yes, that was our personal preference. That is what we did in the new house. Although, my 15yo dd who actually has a very good artistic eye, prefers the look of the painted shoe mould for the same reason chai expressed. We compromised - the tiled areas have the painted shoe mould in the new house. ;-)


Obviously, though, provided the painted shoe mould is an equally viable option, we prefer *that* for the old house for the reasons I stated in my original post. We'll just have to trust that the meant to be new owners will feel the way chai and my dd do! :-) You know, personal preference and all that. If the current poll results are any indication, it sounds like the painted shoe mould *is* an equally viable option....

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shoe molding that wasn't painted to match the baseboards. Of course, most of the houses I've lived in haven't had both baseboards and shoe molding, so what do I know??


In *this* house, the floors downstairs are stained dark oak, with white baseboards and shoe molding. It may just be that way because when the house was built there was much more carpeting downstairs (all carpeted upstairs) and the original owners gradually replaced the carpet with hardwood. IOW, I'm thinking the painted shoe molding and baseboards were painted white downstairs and up, and it was just left that way when the hardwood was installed.


But I think it would look strange to have shoe molding that wasn't the same as the baseboards.

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