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Can anyone review the movie "Storytime?"

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Our group included dh & me (48yo), my mom (65yo), ER (18yo), and EK (14yo). We are pretty conservative (my mom most of all), and we found practically no objectionable content. There was no profanity at all -- and I was surprised because of Adam Sandler's reputation.


The only things that I thought could possibly be questionable were:


* Skeeter's (Sandler's) nephew was supposed to be about 6 years old, and he commented a couple of times about a little girl at school being "hot". But "hot" doesn't seem to mean the same thing to kids today that it always meant to me.


* The other thing was Skeeter's best friend, who was a bit unconventional. At one point in the movie, he attends a party while wearing a grass skirt and a "bra" made of coconut shells or something similar. After we got home from the movie, ER & I were discussing that character, and we agreed that we had at first suspected that the guy was supposed to be gay and that the screenwriters would subtly play that up, but it turns out that the guy was just weird.


We had read a couple of negative reviews, and after the movie, dh commented that he disagreed with what we'd read. I agree with dh. I think the movie was cute and funny, and suitable for anyone 6 or 7 & up.

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Sorry, I would have been happy to leave about an hour in. Dd9 liked it. It could have been a great movie, it had a good enough plot (transparent as it is), but the jokes were too often low quality. i.e. one of the recurring jokes is someone waking up screaming....funny the first time, not the second or third. When the story goes flat, they throw in 'Adam Sandler' style slap stick, jokes.


It had some clever tie ins, like Abe Lincoln and golf balls. And the movie wasn't horrible, no one left the theater, it was just ... too transparent maybe? No twist or turns in the plot?


There wasn't a lot of laughter in the theater and, people going out weren't giving it rave reviews.


Definitely a rental not a purchase on DVD rec from me.

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I just took both DDs to see this movie yesterday and they loved it. I thought it was surprisingly good. I like Adam Sandler, I just can't let my kids watch any of the movies. LOL This one was good.


I actually thought the guy with Sleep Panic Disorder (is that even a real thing?) was pretty funny. But then, I am weird.



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