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Any Leap Day birthdays here? Shameless grandson pic/brag inside

Lady Florida.

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My oldest grandson is 12 today and celebrates his 3rd actual birthday (4th I guess if you count the day he was born). He went a fancy dress party last month. All the boys wore suits and the girls wore fancy dresses. This is him at that party. I periodically share photos of my granddaughter Emma who has Down Syndrome, but I'm equally proud of and in love with her two big brothers. This time I'm sharing a photo of the Leap Day kiddo.

We'll have a big family/friend celebration on Saturday but today he's special. It will be four years before he gets another true birthday.

Anyone here a Leap Day baby? Any Leap Day babies in your circle?


Brandon in a suit 2024.jpg

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I have a Jewish leap day baby. There are two days in the Jewish calendar who exist or not depending on different factors. There are also leap months (one of which we are in right now) so the holidays fall in the correct season. Judaism has a combined lunar-solar calendar. 

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