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Who has used Motivated Moms and how has it been going?

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I tried it a few years ago. I like how the chores were broken down to a manageable size and I like that they had different chores on different days, which made for a nice variety.


On the downside I had trouble communicating to my kids what their chores were each day. For example, on one week they had you clean a toilet on T but two week later it was on a Th. So trying to track my kids down after a full day of hs to communicate the chores for the day didn't work for us.


I switched to a weekly checklist where my kids do the same chores on the same day each week which works better for us.

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I've had a chance to spend some time cleaning the house and I'm wondering if this would be a good year to start. Anyone else use it?


Comments on it?

I thought it was more than $8.00, but that's what it is this year.






I love it- started using it a year and a half ago. Like anything else, make sure it's serving you and not the other way around. I will sometimes go for a week with nothing checked off at all, and just start again, wherever I am on the calendar.


I have the full sized sheet with the whole week on it, posted on the fridge so the whole family can see what needs to be done. (Certain chores are assigned to my kids; sharing the work in daily bite-sized chunks makes it very do-able.)

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We've started and quit using this several times now. :-) That has more to do with me than with MM, though. I restarted in late November and have kept up with it for five weeks now...a record for me!


I've made a few adaptations that really seem to work for my family. I printed out the whole year and put it in a three ring binder along with the meal planning sheets and calendar pages you can print from their site. I take a month at a time and black out anything that doesn't apply to us, highlight my chores in pink, and then I have each child pick their chores for that month and highlight them in their specified color. For right now the kids have to pick two daily chores (which they keep for two weeks at a time) and three weekly chores. We rotate who gets to pick his chores first so that the "fun" chores rotate between them. :-)


We do all the daily chores before school and the weekly chores right after lunch. We don't always get to the weekly chores on the day they are assigned, but we do try to make sure they are done by Friday afternoon. Any of my weekly chores that aren't done by Friday afternoon get marked and I try to get to them the following week if I have time or I offer it to one of the boys as a paid chore if it's something they can do on their own.


I'm loving Motivated Moms!

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