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Interior Design? and cheap?

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Okay, I have this idea for a "graduation gift" for my daughter. My daughter is bright and mature and sweet and wonderful. She's going to do the rest of college from home (http://www.wgu.edu). We talked about before about setting her up a little suite of her own. Here is what the area in question looks like (the room on the left is her bedroom):




I'm just not sure how to do it. I am thinking:


**a love seat to curl up on


**a bookshelf for her books


**A desk with her computer (right now, she has an antique vanity in the 3 computer'd office as a computer desk).


It'll need paint and drapes and a little decoration. I don't want it to be too busy, just calm and cute but sophisticated?


I have a few months to get things together, but I need to be careful money wise also. I figure if I start now, I'll be ready by the middle of May when her spring semester courses end.


Another idea is to have her stay with a friend that weekend then have MY friends come help me put it all together.


But I'm completely clueless when it comes to decorating. I would like her "suite" to be a bit better than the rest of the house!


Anyone got any ideas on where to start?

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Guest Alte Veste Academy
Okay, I have this idea for a "graduation gift" for my daughter. We talked about before about setting her up a little suite of her own.


Anyone got any ideas on where to start?


What a nice gift! Lovely idea.


If you have an IKEA near you, they have great prices and the store is set up as a huge display space that would yield tons of ideas if you did a walk through. I see you're in the DFW area. There is an IKEA in Frisco.




Also, I like this site for decorating ideas.



HGTV itself is a great help when you've got a decorating project in mind. I found the inspiration for my master bedroom makeover earlier this year. I also found an inspiration for built-ins that my husband is going to put on either side of our fireplace next year. I would also suggest getting some decorating magazines for your daughter to go through so that you can get a really good idea of what her wishes are before any big purchases.


How fun!



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How about ordering some catalogs from companies that are her style? I get wonderful ideas from catalogs and then look how to recreate it on a budget.

Here's some catalogs that I like:


IKEA - modern funky

Ballard Designs - more cottage with an international flair

Pottery Barn - expensive but cool


I would find the drapes you want to use before you pick a paint color. It's a lot easier to match paint to textiles than the other way around.


Depending on color Walmart even has some decent looking bookcases for a good price. I'm getting ready to buy some for my classroom. I bought an inexpensive TV stand in the same line to test the quality. They are actually made by Sauder with the "Mainstays" label on them.


What a fun idea, have fun with it.

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I would start getting ideas from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, and try to find things on the cheap.


Right now good time to stock up. Use things that serve double duty, bed/couch or daybed.


PBteen has great setups that are desk/bed. Or you can go all out and get murphy bed, that is bed/couch/desk. I was looking at those for my dd.


Figure out her style, what themes she likes, she can grow w/and go for it.


My one dd has southwestern room and other is French fashion designer w/doll mannequin.

Have fun.

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Thanks for the suggestions y'all. And I'm glad at least some think it's an okay idea. I was a little worried though I don't know why - I do almost everything different than most people, why not this?


Her intention is to stay here for quite awhile as it follows our family beliefs as well as her goals. It seems like a win-win situation for the most part though I know eventually she'll get her own place or move in with friends or <gasp> even find a male-type person to marry (which she claims is definitely not going to happen). Even if it's only for 5-8 years though, a nice space of her own will be nice.

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Have you considered making it a project that you do together? It would be nice if she could decorate it herself so it truly is her space. I know my kids have always really enjoyed getting to decorate their own rooms.


Take a weekend, kick everyone else out, and you two spend time together painting and decorating it. I will take a few weekends to get it all together but if you get the painting done on one weekend, furniture the next and details last, you can have some wonderful memories, show your trust and confidence in her, all the while having a great time yourself.


You could always ask her what she would prefer in an off hand way.



"dd, an imaginary friend of mine on WTM asked if we thought she should redecorate her dd's bedroom for her for a birthday surprise. Your her dd's age...what do you think? Do you think she should do it for her, or have the dd help?"

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You could always ask her what she would prefer in an off hand way.


Both my kids said that kids should be involved in the fixing up of their rooms. However, both also liked my tastes when we looked at various bedrooms and did the design a room on the Ikea site.


I'll have to think just a bit more I guess. I really like the surprise aspect of it. <sigh>

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Thanks Murray :) I'm not sure where you found this thread as it is from Dec 2008 :)


We actually tried the suite for awhile, but she decided she didn't want that. The second bedroom became our son's. We took son's bedroom as it was more comfy temperature wise than the master (which is an exercise room currently).


But I did do my daughter's room as a graduation gift. We did her graduation party at grandma's and gave her her main gift and some other stuff. But then she stayed at grandma's and we fixed up her room beautifully :)


Hopefully I'll get my own room painted and get some furniture soon (I'm still using my dresser that I got when I was SIX!).

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