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What herbs/flavorings do you cook with your chicken when making chicken noodle soup?

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When I make mine I usually throw carrots in the water that I boiled the chicken in. I also add onions, garlic (lots!), celery if I have it. After that cooks down I add a can of chicken broth for extra flavor. When the carrots are just tender I throw in the noodles, and add some parsley at some point. When the noodles are done, throw the chicken back in, let simmer just until chicken is reheated, and serve. That's it. Simple but everyone really loves it.


HTH and hope you all feel better soon!

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I add Campbell's chicken broth, sometimes chicken bouillon powder, and the following extras:


Lots of diced carrots

Lots of diced celery



Salt, pepper


This is what I do for sick people and little kids. In general, I'd put in a lot more herbs, onions & garlic. I cook the carrots and celery with the chicken so they will get really soft.


Hope you all feel better soon.

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