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Complete water analysis - where's the best place to have this done?

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we took samples to the County Extension Office' date=' who then sent them off to be tested. It cost about $27 I think, but it was worth it. Call them first to find out how they want the samples (plastic or glass).


It took a couple of weeks, but they mailed the results directly to our house.[/quote']


When the kids and I were down there last year to find information on crops and ag in this area, the guy also mentioned that they do soil testing, water assessment, and even have a setup plan for helping you to figure out if you can put a pond on your property (come out and survey the area, take a few core samples, and then give a full report on their findings and recommendations).


Are you having a well dropped, or just wanting to check on the water sources you already have available?


And how IS the house coming along, btw? I never know if I've missed an update with this new format. :o But I sure do think of you often!

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