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Time Travelers History Study Series


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We have the colonial one and the explorers one. I'm impressed! I have not been super-successful in completing lapbooks with dd, but I think we could easily use these and make two very nice ones.

I've mostly opened and "explored" the Explorer disc--


The first day, for example, has you reading the definition of an explorer, learning the 5 main reasons for sending out explorers (gold, land, spread Christianity, adventure and one other that escapes me), mapping the 7 continents, and making spice cookies. The 5 reasons are also used to make a lap book "booklet," and that's not just writing--you gather a few spices, draw some gold coins, etc under the flaps of the 5 part folded booklet. The content is well-written and interesting, and there is a lesson plan schedule so you can see the whole month (or 25 lessons, some of which are basically catch-up days or cooking days) at a glance.


You study many explorers--Eriksson, Columbus, Cabot, Vespucci, de Leon, Balboa, Pizarro, Magellan, Verranzano, Cortes, Cartier, de Soto, Coronado, Drake, Cabrillo, Raleigh, Smith, Hudson, Cook, Bering, Onate, Champlain, Ribaut--quite an extensive list. The maps help you see where the explorer came from and went to.


I think the activities are pretty broad in range--maps, cooking (drying fruits and nuts, making lime juice, cooking dishes from Spain, Portugal, England, France) lap booklets, timeline, newspaper, games,experiments (insulation experiment, navigation experiment), projects that allow you to make a compass and a quadrant and a diorama...


I am definitely going to use the two I have to go deeper and park on the Explorers and the Colonial Times. You don't have to use everything, but it does look very good. Graphics are high quality, and as I said, the text is well-written. The CD is easy to navigate. I think they are a great value--I got mine used.

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We have been using the Explorers CD and I really am liking it. I am using it with my 7 and 9 year old. It is just enough for us to do without over doing it on the projects. The lapbook is done over time, so its not overwhelming at all. We are enjoying making the notebook pages, too...and when we are done will have a very neat memory of this study period. I have been going slower with it, though. I usually have been using about 2 days to go over 1 day of the study material. So far our favorite has been learning to tie the knots. My 9 year old son has his rope out every day and has been doing that.

I am planning on moving onto the Colonial one when we are finished with this one.

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We are using the Old Testament Cd and really enjoy it! I have two boys, so it says a lot that they like it - they aren't really into coloring and cutting. But we have enjoyed it so far.


As for world history - we are using History Pockets with the Old Testament (since we are studying ancient history). The combination is really nice.




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