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Dawn, Laura,any other Brits, can you recommend

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We have just had great fun with The Usborne Sticker Atlas of Britain and Ireland.




We just did fifteen minutes (one region), twice a week for a few weeks, but we chatted about the places we were stickering and all learned a bit. Starting from this week, we are going to use a puzzle that we got from M&S - it's pictorial on one side (famous places) and counties on the other.



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We used a lot of jigsaws for geography. It was really easy to get a hold of jigsaw maps of Great Britain and Ireland at car boot sales and in charity shops. They take up so much space I guess people (and charity shops!) wanted rid of them. We never paid more than a pound. Our two loved them and got to know the regions and countries really well.

We have also travelled a great deal around the UK and I try to ensure they know where we are on the map during our travels. I really recommend getting membership to the National Trust or English Heritage when you are in the UK. It is an incentive to travel and you get a great map.

I am Scottish and so the English regions were rather a mystery to me until I was an adult.



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