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what kind of pen won't smudge on shiny paper?

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I bought a very cool family organizer calendar, and am a little irked that all the stuff I just wrote down on January smudged all over the place when I turned the page to write on February. The ink had dried (I thought), but I think it's a pen problem. Irritating.


Waterproof ink? I really hate ball point pens, so I never use them. Do they smudge? Surely one of you Well Organized Minds will have conquered this annoying problem!

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I was totally irked last year when I couldn't find a calendar that wasn't printed on glossy paper. Many pens won't even write on it, and pencils - forget it! What good is a calendar you can't write on? I finally found a cheap but beautiful Balloon Fiesta calendar that's printed on regular paper. I got another one this year.


I hope you can make your calendar work for you. Though, not being able to erase would drive me batty. Things change sometimes, ya know?

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Sharpie, maybe? Just a thought.


Yep. Sharpies have come a long way- several styles of points thick and thin, and they even have a retractable one. They come in lovely colors, too. I use them often in the studio, and I am collecting the retractable Sharpies in many colors!


It was delightful to talk to you today, Nicole!

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okay, just a word on the retractable Sharpies: Grrrrr!!! They dry out quickly.


Interesting! I have not been having that problem. I have found that the ones that are drying out the most are the ones with the regular tip and cap. So far, it is the colored ones of this style that are drying out quickly for me. I wonder if it is the surfaces I am using them on (many layers of paint, papers, mixed media). I was actually surprised that the retractable ones were lasting as long as they were.


Shouldn't be a problem for your needs, Nicole- unless you have an uncontrolable urge to collage on your calendar!:D

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