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Don't Have a Phone Conversation in the Bathroom

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Poor girl, but that is funny! I dropped my cell phone in the tub while bathing a little one once, and my brother found our t.v. remote in the toilet--thanks to our oldest, who was 1 yo. The bathroom is a dangerous place for electronic equipment! Well, actually, the remote still works (12 yrs. later! Yes, gross, but my husband insisted that I not throw it out!), but the cell phone died.



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newly acquired cell phone into a bucket of water in the goat pen. It was in the midst of one of those I'm-already-terribly-frustrated-after-milking-the-goats-and-having-them harrass-me-while-I'm-trying-to-fill-their-water moments, so she was already frustrated. She leaned over to grab the bucket and, plunk, in went the phone. Praise the LORD for phone insurance!!

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