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speaking of memorization, how many books and/or lists are out there? list your faves


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why don't we list any we know, and maybe say if it's a book/list of things to memorize, a book that explains why you should memorize, etc etc.


The WTM includes lists of things to memorize at each level, and some explanation for why it should be done.


PlaidDad has the handy, dandy new memory book, which seems to be mostly things to memorize in handy categories, with a bit of the why.


what else?

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Yep, there is a chart to track progress in the Poetry Mem. workbook. I think his book is worth the price just for the intro to memory work that Pudewa writes. It's a great buy. We've really enjoyed it this year.

Also, Dragons in the Flower Bed shares how to use the CM folder approach to memory work on her web-site- much like what Pudewa does.

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this is my favorite for poetry! here is a link for my review of it - it is well worth it


Harp & Laurel is another resource, but not needed if you have IEW and Living Memory


and of course, the CC foundations manual (which is currently available for $25 with free shipping) - which is a nice resource, but not nearly so comprehensive as LM

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