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Can someone convince me that Aeschylus I is important to read?

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He's 15. The Omnibus had them read each of the plays in a day. I read the 1st couple out loud with him, and he read the 3rd alone.


Translations do make a difference. I liked The Norton Anthology World Masterpieces edition by Fagles--the footnotes were helpful. My son understood the context easily because he had just read The Odyssey.


To read these, I find I need to read all about the story 1st--sparknotes.com, cliffsnotes.com, pinkmonkey.com, Omnibus, or any other study guide you can find. Then the reading goes rather easily.


Worth reading? Well. My dd says that it was not until she began reading these books that she had her eyes opened to just how many times she runs across references to them--she use to gloss over them; now she understands them.



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