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Kitchen appliances - do I need this?

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It depends on what you make.


I use mine to make frozen drinks for the adults, smoothies for the kids, milkshakes, purees for soups and other blender like items.


Mine gets used daily and is one of 3 appliances that is allowed to live on the counter.


Of the things I use it for, all but the frozen drinks could be done on appliances you already own.


On the other hand, I could do without the food processor, I only use mine once or twice a year and even then I could do without. The two things my blender won't do that the food processor does is mince very, very fine (I just do it by hand anyways) and blend ice.



Sorry, not much help here.

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I have an immersion blender, a food processor, a stand mixer and a hand mixer. Do I need my blender? It is old, but works (and looks) perfectly fine. I just don't know if I really *need* it. What do you think? Keep or give away?



Can you make smoothies with the immersion blender? If so, you could give away the big blender.


In the summer, we make smoothies a lot, so I use my blender then mostly. But I don't have an immersion blender or hand mixer, either.

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Actually, I just used the immersion blender (it's new) to make my ds a banana shake. We even put crushed ice in and it took care of that with no problem. I think I'm gonna give the blender away - see if my step daughter who just got her first apartment wants it. Thanks all!

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I love homemade peanut butter in a blender. I have never made it in the food processor because I figure that it would dull the blade a lot, and it's just too hard to clean up to want to risk doing it out in the open with the immersion blender.


I also prefer the covered blender for smoothies, although you can make them with an immersion blender. There is nothing so difficult to wash out of fabric than a mix of strawberry juice and banana oil to set it in, so I always opt for the containment of my real blender when I make those. Too much downside risk for me not to do so.

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