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s/o dreams...and healing—it’s never too late


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I am going to summarize a dream I had last week that I will never forget. Some of you know my struggles with needing to cut off my FOO due childhood abuse that continued into adulthood because of my narc mother.

The dream was long and convoluted but it happened a couple of nights after I watched this TED talk by Becky Kennedy. In the dream I was somehow roped into taking care of several young children that I didn't know. The children were being unruly as children will be and at some point I was trying to wrangle them and get them to go with me…where ever it was we needed to go. And one small child was stuck and crying. I asked..."What's wrong?". The older sibling replied, "you gave him a mean look." My knee jerk reaction was defensiveness (in this dream), and I said incredulously, "I didn't give you a mean look!"

But then a few seconds later I thought better of it. I got down on the child's level in my dream and I said, "It doesn't matter if *I* didn't think I gave you a mean look. If you saw me give you a mean look...I BELIEVE YOU. I am SO SORRY."

That's it. The adult saying to the child... I believe you. I hurt you. I am so sorry. That is all that I remember from the dream.

I think it was so impactful because I know I have done this to my own children. 

 Pay attention to those dreams!



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