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Brave New World Revisited--Has anyone out there read this?

Harriet Vane

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I have just discovered Brave New World Revisited, by Aldous Huxley. I really hated the original novel Brave New World, though I readily recognize its contribution to science fiction and its predictions about the modern era. (I disliked it for many of the reasons that I disliked Fahrenheit 451--too much ranting and sooo bleak and dystopian.)

I'm considering mentioning Brave New World Revisited to some teens in my circle (and their moms), but I'd kind of like a heads up on any questionable content. The original Brave New World alluded to s@x and substance abuse tons. According to the reviews I have read, Revisited is a comparison of features of modern life to the predictions of the original novel.

Is there anything graphic or questionable or otherwise icky for young teenagers?


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