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Another would you eat this chicken edition


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2 hours ago, AmandaVT said:

I feel like the ground turkey plastic cover is often ballooned out a little like that. I'd probably give it the sniff test and be fine with it as long as it smelled fine.

Thanks! We ate it and we're still alive, so I think it must have been fine, lol.

I'm super paranoid when it comes to chicken and appreciate your advice! 🙂 

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9 hours ago, City Mouse said:

Happens all the time where I live (higher elevations). I have gotten used to packages popping open on my drive home over the mountains. 

We are at sea level (like 12 feet above IIRC) so I can't blame elevation, lol. That's so interesting it's common for you! 

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5 hours ago, popmom said:

That is so interesting!!

@MEmama I am glad you posted. I absolutely HATE to waste food, so this is good information.

Me too and I'm willing to overlook a lot (expiration dates, etc), but the idea of bad chicken squeaks me right out.

Does anyone know why the packaging ballooning happens? And why it can happen (at low elevation, lol) to perfectly fine product?

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