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Saturday Tacklers, who's in? 9.23.23


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Not a whole lot going on today.

DS24 was supposed to get his windshield replaced so we shuffled the cars to give him the garage.  Glass company called directly after to say they didn't get the glass in.

Dh and I were going to have a lazy coffee morning.  He was just called into work.

DS13 still needs to be picked up from his friend's house.  I got a notification that he had used up nearly all his hot spot data capabilities last night, so I'm willing to bet he and his friends were using it to fuel a playstation.

Later today:

Work on my analysis paper.

Take ds to his late night game.

Enjoy the rain - the storm below us brought a band up here, and it's fine, but with no garage and shlepping a large bag in and out...it will be a wet evening, I think.

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Good morning!! Just got up, had a rough night: bad dream, sweating, waking up. Time and coffee will fix me right up!! Plans include:




clean the floors

clean the bathrooms



write the church checks

clean out my purse

clean the air intake of the hvac


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@math teacher, I hope your coffee and time fixed all that!

@ScoutTN, enjoy the rest of your trip! My camping experiences are limited to just three my entire life. One was when I was in Brownies in elementary school. Another was a permanent tent-like structure at a Boy Scout camp with our son. The third one was the best! My family stayed in old-fashioned covered wagons. It was me, my husband, our 2 kids, my parents, both of my sisters, and my nephew. It was super cold that night, but it was such a fun experience being with all of them! My mom and my nephew have both passed away, so those memories of fun times are wonderful to have. 

The Costco trip was good. We were out of a lot of food we get there. 

I've got a lot of work done, including a basic outline for each class for the week after next. We will have a long weekend, and I wanted to make sure we landed at a good spot for a day off. 

Two loads of laundry are done and put away, except for the stuff that can't be put in the dryer. 

Dinner is cooking and I'm meeting with a student online after that. 

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