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Natural Xmas decorations

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Does anyone in WTMland specialize in natural decorations? I bought a Xmas tree made from a rosemary plant. So pretty! Does anyone have some ideas for natural Xmas decorations that they would like to share?

I love the idea of not buy a bunch of stuff manufactured in China.



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Our tree next year will be decorated with: popcorn and cranberry garland, applesauce/cinnamon ornaments (I think the recipe was in a thread recently), orange peel cut into star shapes and dried as well as dried slices as Plaid Dad mentioned, pinecones (possibly spray painted silver), and white origami cranes. Love the idea of using a Rosemary tree!

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Guest Staceyhsmom1

It takes alot of cranberries, but it is fun!!

We also make paper ornaments (lots can be found on martha stewart's website. I handsew small wool-felt ornaments and make some by needlefelting. We do have lots of store bought ones, but I haven't bought any more in years.

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We make ornaments from orange slices every year. You slice an orange thinly and put it in a low oven (250 degrees) until the moisture is out of it. The slices look like stained glass with the tree lights behind them. After the tree comes down, you can compost them. :)


Oooh! I love this idea! :001_smile:

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The most beautiful tree my mother ever decorated, and she is quite the talented decorator!, was the year she took weeds and other plants from around our land and put them in the tree. She spray painted some of them gold and silver, but left plenty of them natural. It was beyond gorgeous.


We wanted to do that this year, but we got our tree late and the dc just decorated it last night.


Next year......:001_smile:

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My sis and I played around with some natural stuff w/ our kiddos this year.


We did:

dried apple and orange slices. these look neat done as garlands, end to end, or stacked for dangling ornaments. We played around with some wooden beads mixed in, but I tink the fruit/popcorn/cranberry combinations looked best.


In our experience, the cranberries didn't work real well. It might work better if you were able to get fresh. Ours turned mushy.


BUT, the white popcorn, red cranberries, orange slices, and apples look AMAZING against the green of the tree.


Food items, although not exactly natural

candy canes

stained glass cookie ornaments (make a dough ornament w/ the center cut out by a smaller cookie cutter. Bake it with some crushed jolly rancher in the middle.)

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