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Resources to Teach Outlining


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My older kids learned to create one, two, and three-level outlines using Writing with Skill.

I am using a different writing program with my younger kids that doesn’t teach outlining.

Do any of you know of a book or workbook I can use just to teach outlining? I know I could do this on my own using books, but if there is a workbook I could use to teach it, that would make things so much easier.

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Yup, the Remedia workbook is fine. BJU 6 science used to include outlining in the student activities workbook. You can do it yourself using any models you have handy that interest your student. Years ago someone told me to use Muse magazine articles with my dd and that worked great. We used mapping software, a whiteboard, etc. You want your dc to scratch their heads a bit and think.

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1 hour ago, A.M. said:

Would it be an idea to look up the lessons that explain outlining in Writing with Skill, and use just those specific lessons? 

I have thought of that. It is a good idea, and I’ll probably do that if I don’t find anything else I like.

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