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When do we celebrate Festivus?? Anyone have plans?

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I'm waiting for my extended family to start in on the list of grievances...this year, I plan to stand up and say "oh, are we starting the yearly list of grievances? -my turn next!" (usually I am too quiet and polite to say anything).


I've already had my festivus miracle, a pair of jeans on sale, that did not make me want to cry when I put them on..I bought them of course.


I love festivus, specially since we don't celebrate Christmas...I reference it a lot to lighten the mood.

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We celebrate every year!! Our family gets together and has a huge fondue dinner (not a part of the original festivus, just something we have added). My brother has a pole. We air grievances (pretty much fake ones) and watch the festivus episode. We have no feats of strength. It is just an excuse to get together once more during the holidays. :-)

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I never knew such a thing existed. I must celebrate tomorrow! I have some grievances. That is hilarious. I even heard them mention it on Fox news this morning.


Who knows 100 years from now it may be a popular worldwide tradition that is written into modern history books. :lol::lol:

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that is the official Costanza date. We skip the airing of the greivances, but every year the kids attempt to wrestle the head of the household to the ground. This year that may revert to arm wrestling, the boys are getting big and dh is getting nervous....


We eat Chinese food and watch A Christmas Story. And we all sing along with the fa-wah-wah-wah-wah, wah-wah-wah, wah. Bumpus hound jokes aboound. When the kids get a bit older, we may all watch the Seinfeld episode together, but there's just a lot of innuendo there that we are not ready to have to explain to them.


It is our reserved day together, just our immediate family, so we can take a breather from the shopping/extended family rigamarole and just have a relaxing laugh together. We also talk about the ridiculous/commercial side of Christmas versus the true reason to celebrate the holiday (which I must confess I've been feeling grinchy about lately, pondering on what God would think about what we've done to this observance feast... but that's another subject altogether...).


We have had a pole, but we do not worship it, it's just a big joke for us. If you have a decorative column or a support beam/pole in the basement, plus a roll of tin foil... voila! Festivus!


ETA: re: not "worshipping" the pole, gosh, that sounds strong, I just meant to say that we don't take it seriously...

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