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Friendship: What characterizes a healthy, close friendship?

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Healthy: acceptance of the other person and their circumstances, beliefs and decisions (this doesn't mean you can't tell someone what you think or give advice (esp. if they ask) but if they make a decision (even if it is contrary to what you suggested) you stick by them. I have great friends who do this for me and I do it for them.


Unhealthy: boundary issues (telling me so much about their dh so I can't look him in the face anymore!), being judgmental, or jealous.

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I have 4 good friends. All of them have been friends of mine for over 10 years. I think good friends are friends that you can tell anything to, you know that the information will not be shared, and you know that you are accepted and loved no matter what. One of those good friends I only see once maybe twice a year if I'm lucky but we fall into step with each other the moment we see or talk to the other.


Those are my good friends and I also have friends which I call aquaintence friends. I am more guarded with them but yet we have fun and can talk about our lives just not the deep stuff.

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