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S/o Toy Storage


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My house is small with poor storage. My long hall closet is our coat closet with one high rack of coats on the right side, and on the left, a low rack of coats with shelves above to the ceiling full of homeschool books and board games. My rolling bookshelf, with daily homeschool books, rolls under the tall coats. Also under the tall coats, I have  stacked a covered bin of stuffed animals, an oblong laundry basket with wood blocks, and another laundry basket of little people and misc toys on top. Under the short coat rack, there is a fabric cube on the floor that holds baby puzzles, another felt bin with food toys. Oh, and there are a couple bins of other toys mixed with the board games on high shelves, like a plastic shoe box of Lincoln logs and a plastic box of toy food. I have a soft felt laundry hamper (open top) that I had used for storage (it used to hold the wood blocks) that I have now filled with duplos. I had to put it in my laundry room up high because I can't have it spill. I just didn't have anywhere to put the duplos since they were exceeding their laundry basket's capacity. 

I would love to stack and organize in a way that the toddler couldn't easily access /dump and make a huge mess and also just to be more efficient with better stacking containers instead of so many different types. 

Any suggestions?


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I had this brilliant system when dd was young where all her toys were lined up in small laundry baskets along the top of a closet. Super tidy and she just had to ask. Then as a teenager she told me I was HORRIBLE for making her toys hard to get at. 😂 Next dc I filled small totes on a low shelf under a table. He'd dump them out and have so many bins of stuff out that he couldn't put away. I'm pretty sure someone in that stage called me a slob. 😂

So I don't have a great answer for you, though obviously you could go to Target or Walmart and find some bins. I will say it's easy to get wistful about that stage, just not while you're living it. I think some ability for the child to make messes is healthy, so maybe don't try too hard. 😁

Have you ever read about toy rotation? So instead of having everything put away or everything out, you pull out just a *few* things and then *rotate*. So you might get 4-6 identical small totes, put 4 in the closet all stacked up and have 1-2 out lined up against a wall. That's just enough the dc can practice putting away without being so much your house goes nuts.

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