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Jimmy Buffet 😢

Grace Hopper

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So sad.  DH and I are parrotheads through and through.  I've only been to two of his concerts, both in the 80s -- one at Carowinds when he used to play there, and one at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill.  I had always hoped to go to one more of his concerts. 😥😥😥

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It was the first news that I saw this morning and it took me a few minutes to realize it was real. I was a big fan before he became known, before Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise. I actually don't care for the music that made him famous. I saw him in concert twice in the 1970s - once in Tallahassee when I was in college and once in Orlando while I was home from college on summer break. 

When I lived in Georgia and would get homesick for Florida I'd play this song over and over. 

"Salt air it ain't thin. It can stick right to your skin and make you feel fine. Makes you feel fiiine." 


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😭I was so sad to find out this morning.  I first saw him at Summerfest in Milwaukee in the late 80s and became a big fan!   I've been to several of his concerts and they were so fun.  I had been meaning to get to a concert again, but it never worked out.  When I need a pick me up, I ask Siri to play him on Spotify when I'm driving.

My sister is unexpectedly in town this weekend. Our menu tonight:"
french fried potatoes
dill pickle
onion slice
And, of course, margaritas (virgin for me.)

Speaking of Jimmy ... anyone heard from @Parrothead?  She hasn't posted here in a while that I can see.

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So sad! I’ll also have a cheeseburger in his honor, but what keeps going through my mind ever since I heard the news is Alan Jackson singing…”What would Jimmy Buffet do…..”

So I’m gonna poouuurrr myself something tall and strong. Make it a hurricane before I go insane. 😢😢😭😭I’m gonna need it to get through the Auburn game anyway. 

Seriously though. It’s a huge loss. Too young and too soon. 

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A lot of Floridians (and maybe non-Floridians) know about saving and protecting manatees. Most probably don't know Jimmy Buffett was instrumental in both starting and leading the campaign. He helped start Save the Manatee.


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Come Monday is a favorite of mine. And Jimmy Buffett is just...part of Florida. My aunt and late uncle lived in Key West for years and knew him - my aunt was the head of the tourist development board and my uncle was a bartender so they sort of knew everyone. Heck, my uncle LOOKED like him, lol. (seriously - same hair and mustache and similar voice). 

So sad. 

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He died from a rare form of skin cancer. How heartbreaking. And yet it will bring much needed awareness which is why I am posting this. I thought melanoma was all I had to worry about. I mean...what the HELL???  😞


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