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Apple's Homeschool Discount disappeared again

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I actually sent them feedback - AND sent it to my Corporate Customer Care Rep (what, you don't have one :lol: Everyone should have a nasty Genius Bar experience and get one - dang they are nice and want you happy!)


I'm not shopping right now - i'm more disappointed in them doing it you know? I actually found out this morning trying to give someone the link on MacRumors.

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Here is how bad it was....... (and after the experience in the store, it got worse when i called the store from my house an hour away - the manager hung up on me!).


They sent me a FREE 500gb Time Capsule.


I'm not joking.


It took me months to be able to go back into that store... i got sick standing in front of it. But everyone but that Genius (not so) and Manager (that i didn't know - and i know most of them from the kids taking classes there) is great. So i sucked it up.....


ANYWAY, i sent it to that guy. And really - Apple does want to know if something goes way bad - that lady on the phone was wonderful.... she listened and cared that the guy deleted emails from 11 accounts without telling me it would do that.


AND, i'm the biggest fan of the Time Capsule - i love love love it!!!!!

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Is that manager and not-Genius still there?


Either way, I'm glad that one bad apple didn't spoil the whole bunch, girl. :lol:


When I called Apple to order my laptop, I had a pleasant chat with the Genius about homeschooling, etc. Well, after that I realized I'd be in a city with an Apple Store, so I didn't follow through on the order online (I was going to have to wire the money to them since I don't use credit cards). Since I'd already walked through the order process, I knew exactly what I wanted, what I was going to get rebates on and how much it would all cost. I was in and out of there in minutes! LOL

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