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Singapore Math (Math in Focus) questions

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1) Get those math facts  down cold AND drill the multi digit calculation of all the operations that she's been taught via RS so far.

We aim for fluency in the execution of the algorithm s once they've been introduced and explored.

2) FAN Math Process Skills Problem Solving 3 and 4 to get a grounding in accurately and capably using BAR Models to solve one- and two-step word problems at the "Singapore Level"


FAN Book 3 introduces all four operations.

Aside from that, I would preview the TOC of MiF 2-3 to see if there are any skills that she's missing.

Kumon sells workbooks called

Decimals and Fractions 4 (adding and subtracting like denominators and Decimals to the hundredths)


Decimals and Fractions 5

(Multiplying and dividing decimals, and adding and subtracting Mixed Numbers)

Fractions  6

The four operations with unlike fractions.

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20 hours ago, 2_girls_mommy said:

What could I use to quickly catch a 3rd grader up to be able to do Math In Focus 4th grade? 

Longer question: We have used Rod and Staff 1st=3rd grade.  I am ok with R&S.  We had fine results with it with my older kids who went on and did high school math just fine after it.  But I may need my daughter to attend a private school that uses Math in Focus, and they don't want to take her at grade level because she is "behind" in math.  She is fine on basic math concepts and arithmetic how R&S does it.  We are working on solidifying her memorization of times tables and such as I know that gives a foundation for everything.  I bought a 4th grade scholastic core curriculum workbook to do over the summer that gets more into fractions and longer division than she has had for more skills.  But specifically, what product could I buy that teaches some of the concepts from Singapore math that would have her ready for jumping in to 4th grade over the course of a couple of months?  I know nothing about it.  I do not want to buy a 3rd grade curric and start at the beginning, as I wouldn't know what to skip and fast track through to intro to new topics.  I wonder if anyone has any ideas for me? 

I think if you get MIF 3 you could use the chapter review sections as a "do you know this" test to see what needs to be taught and what can be skipped.

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I agree with Malam.  Math in Focus has cumulative reviews every three chapters or so throughout the book as well as chapter reviews.  I would start with the first cumulative review, which should tell you if she is solid on the first three chapters.  If so, move on to the next review cumulative review and check on chapters 4-6.  If not, back up and re-teach the concepts she's missing from those chapters.  Being solid on multiplication facts will be really important, because at that level she'll be doing multi-digit long division.  You might find Kate Snow's Multiplication Facts That Stick helps to "gameify" practice.

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On 6/5/2023 at 4:58 PM, Malam said:

I think if you get MIF 3 you could use the chapter review sections as a "do you know this" test to see what needs to be taught and what can be skipped.

Just agreeing with this^ .

And also mentioning that many school districts use MiF and put up resources online... like this one... so you could see what MiF 3A looks like. 


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