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I need more non-fiction suggestions for a 3rd grade boy.


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My English language learner nephew is comfortable reading Magic Treehouse Fact Trackers and Who Was? books. What other series of non-fiction (geography, history, science, doesn't matter) are at that level or slightly more challenging? I've got some Simon Basher science books and Magic School Bus books on hold (MSB are short, but they're listed as grades 2-4). Dn can decode well and his English vocabulary is rapidly expanding. It turns out most of the "hard" words tend to have Latin or French roots and he can usually figure them out from Spanish cognates. It's all those common, little Anglo-Saxon words that he still needs help with sometimes. 

He says he doesn't like fiction and I want to honor that preference because he has enough stress in his life right now. However, if you know of any boy friendly books that are at the Magic Treehouse level (but not Jack and Annie, sniff, I loved those books when my kids were little), I'd like to sneak a couple into the book pile and see if he bites.

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Maybe the "Horrible" lines? Horrible History, Horrible Science, Horrible Geography, Murderous Maths

Eta: I reread and saw you wanted Magic School Bus level, not just above them like I first thought. These would be above them. 

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You might try the You Wouldn't Want To Be series.


Ben's Revolution

Jean Fritz books

Tut's Mummy...Lost and Found (actually, the Level 4 have several non-fiction like this)

Who In The World Was The Forgotten Explorer?  - coincidentally put out by the WTM Press. 🙂

There is a series of books on the tip of my tongue.  I'm sure it'll come to me later.  But, also you might look at Thorton Burgess books.  I know, I know, they're fiction.  But my ds loved them since they brought the animals in our yard to life and they're just at the right level.

Other kids I know have gravitated toward manuals: Pokemon indexes (and most of the names are phonetic, whoohoo!), Minecraft, etc.  The vocabulary is higher when looking at it from a lexile score, but when you realize exactly how repetitive they are and how they use a niche vocab list, it does bring it down quite a bit.


ETA: It was the Junior Genius Guides by Ken Jennings!  DS loved those.  Same with Science Comics, though again the vocabulary will depend on the book

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I was also going to suggest the top levels of stepped reader series such as: Step into Reading step 4 and step 5. A few more ideas:

- A True Book series
- On My Own History
- Creative Minds Biographies
- National Geographic Kids Chapter series
- Time for Kids series

individual titles
- Spectacular Stories for Curious Kids
- Mistakes That Worked
- Brendan the Navigator
- Viking Adventure

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