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3 1/2 yo ds does not want to play!


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My 6 yo was the same way, and I can't remember what she did while we did our lessons. I do know we had a baby when she was 3 . Not this baby is 3 1/2, and she demands a lot of attention! I give her things to do, but she gets bored very quickly. Now she has learned to use the mouse on the computer so that keeps her occupied for a little longer. She also is learning to read with 100 Easy Lessons. But to be honest I don't know what to do with a 4 yr who can read! I just know she will be wanting to have workbooks and do math like her siblings (in the Fall). I am not sure I will be ready. Why can't she just be 3 and go play?????

Did I mention she LOVES to sing? All the time. High School Musical I and II.

Ok I am done complaining. She is delightful and I adore her. Maybe I just wish my baby would stay little.....


Did I call her a ds? She is a dd. I do not like these abbreviations.....

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I'm not full of ideas, but I empathasize with you. My youngest is so used to have the older sibs to play with her that she is less able to self-entertain than her older sibs.


Miquon math can be largely self teaching, with just a little mom input. So can handwriting workbooks and even Explode the Code workbooks. Books on tape along with the books to read along with can be self-entertaining if child can work the tape player. Many montesorri style activities are largely self teaching. Can you put together a bin of self-teaching things (worksheets, cut-along-the-lines papers, matching activities/puzzles, etc) that you pull out for her only when the older sibs are schooling?

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yes, I will call her Eliza! Much easier.

I do have lots of puzzles, and all sorts of things do keep her hands occupied, but she gets bored in 3 minutes and wants to do the next thing! She went through all her workbooks by Christmas! What I notice is that she wants attention. (I mentionned that that she sings a lot. I think she likes the attention.... We have a little diva over here.)

I will look into the Miquon Math, or maybe I will have to look into Saxon Kindergarten. I have only started with Math 1 and do not plan on starting her on it till she is at least 5!!!!

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