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Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Okay Ladies!


Help me please! I know there is a simple trick.......


I finally organized my photos in the Organizer. I am now starting an album. I made to the title page. Now I am stuck at the first 'real' album page and I can't figure out how to get the photos moved into it. It must be very simple. I am just not seeing it right now! Frustrating! Any tips?



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more specifically...(because (no offense) I would have been totally lost with those instructions a year ago...)


-open and set up your scrapbook page

-open and edit (as much as you can) your photo

-cascade your photo (ie click the middle button on the upper right of your photo)

-click on your move tool

-click on your photo and drag onto your scrapbook page


Elements does have a rather large learning curve, but once you get it...it's AMAZING!!!!


I LOVE scrappersguide.com as a tutorial. They have a free weekly newsletter with tips and ideas, and their training DVD is well worth the money. You can watch how to do things over and over and then print out the instructions. She starts at the very beginning and goes above and beyond what I've been able to implement and learn in a year. Signing up as a premier member gives you monthly kits of papers and embellishments, and more training videos. Again, money well spent. The ladies in the forum are also very helpful and quick to respond.


...and no, I have no affiliation with the company...just like to give praise where it is due, and help fellow digiscrappers!

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