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Amarillo Tx--what is good to do there?

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My 13dd was born in Amarillo, TX and really wants to see where she was born. None of the rest of us have ever been to Texas (she is adopted) but we would like to take her possibly in the next year.


What time of year is the weather decent--at least 50 degrees and not hotter than 80. Is there anything to see/do in the area? She LOVES horses and would like to do something with them if possible.


We would also need things to do/see between Western Michigan and Amarillo. Is anyone along the way?

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I used to live near Amarillo. Definitely some of my old stomping grounds.


My favorite time of year is September. Cooler temps, great weather generally. Still comfortably warm.


If she likes horses, then a trip through the Quarter Horse museum is in order.

I enjoyed it a lot. Have lunch at the Stockyards cafe...you'll see cowboys in boots and bankers in suits. The food is great. Sit in on an auction if one is going on.


Drive another 30 minutes south to Canyon to tour the Panhandle-Plains History museum. Very well done.


Visit the Palo Duro state park. Do NOT miss this. Beautiful scenery! If you go in the summer time, see the outdoor production of 'Texas!'

There may be a horseback riding opportunity in the state park. You'll need to call, email or something. I always had my own canyon land to explore and my own horse.


West 6th street is the old Route 66 through town. There used to be a lot of nifty antique and clever type shops. I haven't shopped there in a while, so I'm not sure about it.


Enjoy the beautiful sky and brillant sunsets. Since I've also lived in western Michigan, I can guarantee you've never seen anything quite like it--y'all have too many trees. ;)

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Thanks. We were thinking Sept. or Oct--depending on Dh's work schedule. Considering it is 10 here today with a wind chill of zero, warm is a very relative term---right now 40 would be warm enough for us.


We will have to check out the QH museum. I bet she would like that. The auction and cafe sound great too. Horseback riding would be a big plus but she does have her own horse that she rides almost every day in good weather.


I would have agreed with you about too many trees.............but our neighbor behind us just clear cut 40 acres of matures trees this week. We are really missing our WOODS feel.

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You'll have a great time. I was thinking of y'all this morning. If you hit the historical museum in Canyon, she'll get a feel for the real life cowboy/Indian/pioneer history of the area. That and some about wildcatting oil rig days.


In the canyons, you can dream you are in the old west. ;) Arrowheads are sometimes found.


A wonderful scenic drive is east of Amarillo between highway 287 at the small town of Claude, south on 207 through the canyons. You can swing around and redrive it or make a loop taking 285 back to interstate 27. We lived near that part of the canyons and I still love taking that drive when we go back.


If you get anywhere near Ft. Worth on your journey yell. I'd love to meet you.


Edited to add...I lived a short time in Grand Rapids. Where are you?

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