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Free beta program for Great Books Homeschool (posted with permission)

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Hi Well-Trained Mind Community,

I'm Julia, a homeschooling mom and web developer who is passionate about quality books and education.  I'm sharing this post with permission from the WTM team, to invite interested homeschooling families to participate in a free beta testing program for Great Books Homeschool, our new literature-based K-12 curriculum.  Some background:

I've spent many years putting together a fun and challenging literature-based homeschooling curriculum for my kids, and based on this experience have recently created Great Books Homeschool, a customizable curriculum of the type I wish I'd had when I was getting started.  It's a bit different from other curriculum options on the market, and I'm hoping it will be useful to other homeschooling families.

Our curriculum doesn't provide books or a PDF download, but is rather part of an online tool that parents use to customize and manage their children's homeschooling schedule.  Our website provides an online account for parents, prepopulated with a complete academic curriculum for each student.  From there, parents can add, remove, reschedule and combine curriculum items on the go.  Academic logs and high school transcripts are generated automatically.

Our standard curriculum that comes prepopulated for each student is secular and literature-based, with inspiration drawn from classical, Charlotte Mason and interest-led homeschooling.  It designed especially for gifted students and kids who love to read.  Since the curriculum is designed to be customized and contains many optional components, we're able to include a wider range of topics than most prepackaged curricula, such as sculpture, astrophysics, philosophy, time management, etc. in addition to the core academic subjects.  Our reading, writing and history curricula includes several components from Well-Trained Mind Press.  But the default curriculum is just a starting point, and we try to make it easy for parents to customize it to include their own favorite components.

Pricing is normally on a monthly subscription basis, but we are providing complimentary access for twelve months to the first fifty families to sign up for the beta testing program.  In return, we ask that participating beta testers complete a monthly questionnaire about their experiences.  We'll use this feedback to improve the curriculum over the course of the beta period.

You can learn more about Great Books Homeschool at our website, https://www.greatbookshomeschool.com.  To sign up to join the beta testing program, please first create a free trial account at our website.  Once logged in, submit the questionnaire at https://www.greatbookshomeschool.com/parent/beta-application?via=wtm.

Please feel free to ask any questions about Great Books Homeschool and the beta testing program here.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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