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ereks mom

Can somebody help me price this set of Lial Precalc books?

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I have a set of Lial Precalculus 3/e books, copyright 2005:



  • hardcover textbook (has clear UPS tape on the back because of a tear -- it looks like someone ran a pencil along the crease on the back cover and tore the thin layer of paper there, but the binding is completely undamaged -- see picture).
  • set of 12 DVTs (unused)
  • Student's Solutions Manual (very good condition)
  • Additional Skill & Drill Manual (very good condition)



When purchased new from the publisher, the set sells for $234. Is $100 ppd. too much to ask for it?

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I think your asking price is very reasonable. Bear in mind though that if there is a newer edition, yours will probably be a harder sell.


You might want to check some used booksellers (such as Amazon) and Ebay to see what others are selling the three books for.




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