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Munchkin cats

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Anyone have these?

Dh suprisingly wants a cat.

I saw these cute kittens online and wanted to see if anyone has one.

If so are there any health or other problems I should know of?

I know we will have to wait..since I haven't been able to find a local breeder.


Any advice?

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I know nothing about Munchkins, but I looked at them on Google images and they remind of dachshunds. I wonder if they'd be prone to back problems like dachshunds?


We have two cats. One is persian-esque with long black fur. I have learned NEVER to get another cat with long fur...when she has digestive problems, poop sticks in it. She sheds everywhere. Yuck


Our short haired tabby is no problem.


When we were first married, my husband and I bought two pure-bred cats. One died before the age of two with cardio myopathy. The other died of FIP. Neither cat lived past 2. After that, we chose "free to good home" kitties!

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I know nothing about Munchkins, but I looked at them on Google images and they remind of dachshunds. I wonder if they'd be prone to back problems like dachshunds?

Here's what I found:

"Munchkins owe their short legs to a naturally-occurring genetic mutation, and not from human manipulation. The gene responsible for the breed's short legs has been likened to the same one that gives Dachsunds and Welsh Corgis their diminutive stature. However, since the spine of a cat is physically different from that of a dog, Munchkins do not suffer spinal problems sometimes associated with those canine breeds."
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The breed is not recognized in Europe & the deliberate breeding is eithe banned or highly discouraged in many places.


In North America, they come up in rescue & shelters quite frequently. Try www.petfinder.com & I'm sure with only a bit of searching and time, you'll find a homeless one that will fit in with your family. Good rescues will spay/neuter and fully vet their animals before adoption. Also, if the animals are in foster homes, you'll get a really good idea of the cat's temperament and personality.


Kittens come into rescue in my area all the time (though I haven't seen a munchkin kitten here yet) so you can get them young too if your heart is set on it but I strongly encourage everyone to give a home to an older cat.

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Breedlist.com has info. I dont see they are reg. w/CFA.


I think they are adorable. We were thinking about it, but got a Burmese instead.


I dont think you can find them at shelters, I may be wrong, I think they are a newer breed, so probably in demand.


We have a Bombay, which are few and far between , they were started in fifties and dying out now. Not enough breeders. We love our Bombay.


I say go for it, breeders are breeding new cats all the time. There are so many new breeds in the past twenty yrs. I have better luck w/purebreed than rescue.


My rescues have come up w/weird diseases from the rescue place. Just make sure you have a reputable breeder, they are registered. Like a house take a couple look at cats. I went to one , one time and all the cats are runny eyes and noses, she said it was the remodel. I went back a second time they were still icky looking. I turned that kitty down, although it was the loviest thing.


The next breeder had cats w/all dry eyes, looked healthy and clean cattery. I also, for my piece of mind take them to my vet. Good breeders will also guarantee cats for one or two yrs.


Good luck. My two cents is try a burmese, they are like potato chips, once you eat one, you cant stop. ITs true.

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