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Prayer Request CC

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Short and sweet--I deeply offended ds19. He won't talk to me. At all. I really need to talk to him, apologize, and straighten this out. Please pray that he will talk to me tomorrow.


(It was concerning our homeschooling him, not being around and leaving him to self-educate, largely because of depression/family carp with other ds/going back to work, etc. It also was about my anger at him not getting a job--or trying to--and needing me to hold his hand over everything in his life. Some of that is related to his immaturity, some because of undiagnosed Aspie-like tendencies, and some just because he's fearful, somewhat lazy at times, and a little depressed himself. Other ds' issues affected this ds more than I thought, and we will be working some things out in theraputic sessions at my other ds' residential treatment facility over the next few months.)

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