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Spyro--the results of all of my horse shopping

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Well, today we did it, we came home with a horse in the trailer. After looking at 12 or more horses, I think we have the one.


Spyro is a 15 year old 15hh quarterhorse gelding. He was listed as Roan but is more of a reddish chestnut with a star and 1 white sock. This is the one I road during the snow storm on Tuesday and his owner wanted me to decide by noon on Wed. or she was selling him to someone else. Well, obviously he was still there so I bought him today.


I hope what we were told is true. I honestly don't think she knows enough about horses to lie about him. Today she said she didn't even know what a bridle was. She had never tacked him up herself, etc. either. I figured if she could stay on top of him, so can I.


He was super calm on the ground today. His owner rode him in the round pen for a few minutes but the snow us almost up to his belly so I didn't ride. So much for trotting and loping him before we bought him.


He did NOT like getting in the trailer though. He reared WAY up twice before he got in........but once he got all 4 feet in the trailer he calmly walked to the front, stood while we put up the butt bar (this is a 4 horse stock with 2 horse straight load type front), clipped him up, etc. He was calm the entire hour drive home, during our short stop at McDonalds (I stayed out by him while my friend ran in and got our food), etc. He unloaded just fine as well. I think he will be fine with trailering if we work on it a little.


He did fine going into the barn and then being turned out. He is in a pasture alone but can touch noses with all of the other horses in the other pastures over the fence. He didn't seem worried at all about things. Likely by Monday we will turn him out at least part of the time with one of the other geldings and work up from there.


I am on my husband's computer as mine died but if anyone wants pictures, thye can email me and I can send some for you to load up here.

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This is a link to his ad. The pictures are over a year old and aren't the best but it will give you some idea. Basically, he looks like every other chestnut quarterhorse out there. He is stocky with broad shoulders--gotta check that saddle fit.


My friend where I board called last night and said he walked right into his stall and started eating his hay. He wasn't concerned at all when they brought the other horses in. Normally he would be out all night but we are having freezing rain. They said he didn't stall very well for long time periods so we will see if my friend had to get up in the night to move him or not.

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Rides might be a while out. Yesterday we had over 1 inch of rain and 48 degrees---on top of the 3 feet of snow on the ground. Now today we are under a winter storm warning for high winds and lots of snow--with high temps by tomorrow of 15.


Maybe by this weekend the footing will be good enough to get on. His feet really need to be done as well so I don't want to push things.

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Here are a few more pictures.


He is doing OK. He is a little unsure of a few things but overall doing very well. I just want to take it slow. It was snowing and blowing today so I just brushed him a little, fed him, led him out and then gave him his hay.


We are supposed to get 12 inches of snow from this storm so riding might be out for a while.

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